UPVC Windows & Doors Installer Chris McAvoy recently asked…

“How can I get more work from Google, when people search for things like: UPVC Windows & Doors Installers Camborne etc.”

Chris wanted more work for his ‘One Man’ Firm… he has been going for a couple of years, getting work through Facebook and from Word-of-Mouth recommendations.

Chris is based in Camborne, Cornwall, installs Windows, Doors & Conservatories etc. in Camborne & surrounding areas, but wants to attract enquiries from further afield, in nearby locations, such as: Truro Hayle, Newquay, Penzance & St Agnes.

Chris doesn’t yet have a Website but he does have a ‘Google My Business’ Page, but not sure if Google created that for him, or not.

As this question to me specifically asked about getting work from the Top of Google, here are my ideas to help Chris, which hopefully will help other people reading this in a similar boat.

Let’s just look at Page 1 on Google, when I searched for: double glazing installers camborne


The first thing to appear at the Top of Google were the Google Pay Per (PPC) Ads, previously called Google Adwords but now called Google Ads.

Once Google Ads (https://ads.google.com) are setup, there are various targeting options, but in general, each time someone clicks your advert, it’s going to cost you.

For example, you could set a budget of £300 per month (£10 per day) and get around 150 clicks per month. So in this example, each time someone searches keywords relating to Double Glazing Installers in your area, it might cost you £1.50 every time someone clicks your ad.

Google Ads has 2 main systems, one easier to use than the other, but unless you know what you’re doing, you could soon be spending £1,000’s and not really know if it’s working or not.


The Google Local Map, also called ‘Local Pack’ or ‘3 Pack’ shows up on Google, underneath the Google Ads when Google decides the person searching is looking for a local business.

Typically, if a person searches for a local business in a certain location, only businesses in that location stand a chance of getting featured in the Top 3, on the Map on Page 1.

As you can see in Image 2, ‘Chris McAvoy Double Glazing Specialist’ was listed at the Top for the search term: double glazing installers camborne

However, when I search for some other keywords, listed below, Your Page was not listed in the Map Pack, but was much further down the page, in some cases, when I clicked the ‘More Places’ link.

Here are some of the other keywords I tried:

  • Conservatory installers camborne
  • Double glazed windows camborne
  • Upvc windows camborne

As I said, Your Page was not on page 1 of Google.

Here’s what I recommend you first do, to get listed in the Map, for more search terms related to your products, which should help to get more work from people searching on Google.

Step 1: Go to https://google.com/intl/en_uk/business/ and have a read through all of the info

Step 2: Sign In with your GMB Account Details or Gmail

Step 3: Have a poke around and make sure your Google My Business Page is Verified and you have completed all of the info you can, including: adding all Categories that relate to your business and products… as shown in the next image

Step 4: Add a comprehensive business description, which needs to include a list of the main products you sell and the locations you serve, such as Truro Hayle, Newquay, Penzance, St Agnes – but don’t make it look like spam, it must be a natural description to let people know what you do and where you do it.

Step 5: I would also add a few photos for each of the products you sell.

Step 6: In the ‘Posts’ section of the GMB Dashboard, you can also add ‘Posts’ which are News Updates about your business. I would add at least 1 Post per week, sharing your business news with potential customers who might see your Page on Google – more details on that below…


You can post different types of Posts and include links to Websites or Social Media Pages.



Image shows the Twitter Pop-Up that I edited slightly, and the Twitter Post I shared on my Glazing GPS Twitter


If you click the Twitter Post, it takes you to the Google News Feed for Sunbeam Canopies.

If this was your News Chris, people would be able to scroll through to find out more about your business and the products you sell.


You mentioned that you have been getting work for a couple of years through Word-of-Mouth, which is great.

Another important factor in getting your Google Page to show in the Map Pack is to get your happy Customers to leave a Review on Google for you.

I have noticed you have Reviewed your own page, so you have 1 Review so far…

Here’s the next Step I would take…

When you get each new order, and before you do the job, say this to your new customers…

“thank you for your order, we will make sure you’re 100% happy with our work… if we exceed your expectations, could be please give us a Review us on Google as that would really help us get more work in the future?”

and wait for the Yes!

Next… do a fantastic job and exceed their expectations (you are probably doing this already)

When the job is complete and they tell you they are happy say this…

“thank you for your order, we really appreciate it, as mentioned before we started, could you please give us a Review on Google?

If they previously agreed, they will be more likely to follow through.

If they agree, you could tell them how to do it like this:

  1. Search Google for Chris McAvoy Double Glazing
  2. Click the Google Reviews Link
  3. Click Write a Review Button

As this requires a Google Account, some of your customers might not be willing to create one, in which case, I would ask them to Review your Facebook Business Page instead, as you have done previously.

Facebook Reviews are great and help you get more work on Facebook…

Google Reviews will help you get more work via Google.


If I were you, I would follow all of the steps above, add your Google News Posts regularly, and each time you do, share them on Facebook, get more Google Reviews and then keep an eye on the GMB Insights Tab to see how all that is affecting the amount of people seeing your page.

If you see it’s working, do more of it!

Hope that helps.

Any questions, let me know!

Leonardo, Glazing GPS