Hi Leo, thanks for the advice on how to improve our home page SEO for conservatories in cumbria. I used your recommended SEO changes on our website and we went from 8th in the search engine results to #1 for the term ‘Double Glazing in Cumbria’, which also moved us into the Google local map pack on page 1.

Leonardo has a very different ‘Internet Marketing’ approach, which has transformed the way we connect with prospects and existing customers online. Last year alone we generated over £683,000 via the free listings on Google and more than doubled sales from existing customers to £464,000. Thank you!

Tracy Meakins, MD, Able Canopies Ltd

I highly recommend Leonardo from Glazing GPS, whose advice has come at a very good time, as we recently acquired our Double Glazing business in Cheshire. As we inherited our current website (https://www.dnahomeimprovements.co.uk) we really needed some expert advice regarding what changes we should make first, to help kick-start our new business, especially regarding getting higher in the free listings on Google.

Leonardo walked me through some of the issues that were holding our website back, such as site speed, which I now know is an important factor in search engine optimisation. He clearly know his stuff and can keep it simple for people like me to understand… not an easy task. Most people seem to make it very difficult to understand based on buzz words and 3 letter acronyms.

I was also very impressed with Leonardo’s ideas regarding using Case Studies on my website, I had not thought of adding each case study on it’s own page before and optimising those pages for Google, for each Town and County of installation. We will be definitely using that strategy to get a lot more local customers. The site audit Leonardo produced gave us a lot of tasks to complete, and if you run a Glazing Firm, I would highly recommend you watch the Glazing GPS Case Studies, which have given me dozens of ideas to get more customers online.

I am far from an expert in what is a 20 years only old internet world that is changing at a fast pace, but I have asked different people’s advice and I have gained some knowledge thus far. But with that said, one of the things I have learnt, is this: there are actual only a small % of people who have a very good understanding, with in-depth knowledge, combined with a breadth of experience regarding Internet Marketing.

What is very clear to me… Leonardo definitely know his stuff.

Phil Anderson, DNA Home Improvements

Thank you for creating our Internet Marketing System Leonardo. Our website traffic has increased fivefold, which is fantastic. Our new employee Emily has taken your instruction and now confidently updates our website, blog, social media pages and sends our monthly email newsletter to leads and customers… only one problem at the moment… is there any way to turn down the leads, we’re rammed :-)

Simon Dudson, TLGEC Ltd, www.tlgec.co.uk

Leonardo recently showed me how to optimise my website product pages, as I was not listed on Google for my new area… he basically spent 5 minutes adding one word to my website, in 3 different places. To my amazement, we received an order for £43,000, the first in our new area, and when we asked how how they found us, they said Page 1 of Google.

Danny Botterell, TTSS Ltd, www.ttss.org.uk