Michael Farrer from Cumberland Windows posted a link to a Link Building article in the Glazing Installers Facebook Group, which outlines the SEO benefits of getting other websites to link to your website.

This years’ industry report on Local Search Ranking Factors for Google Pack (Map) and Organic Search Results (Free Listings) position ‘Link Signals’ at #2 and #1 respectively on the list of the most important ranking factors, as shown in this screenshot taken from the Moz Website:

Whenever you link to another website, or when another website links to you, just ensure that the ‘links’ add value for the people who are using your website.

If the links provide no benefit to your users, the chances are, Google will recognise the fact, and you will not receive any benefit from the links that have been placed either.

If you have friends or partners or customers in the industry and you feel your website visitors would benefit from hearing about them, that is a perfect fit for exchanging links, as everyone will benefit from that.

Getting links to your website from industry related blogs and directories will also help your SEO, as will links from localised directories, related to your Town, District or County.

The words that people use to link to you, are called Anchor Text, so for example, if your business is based in Cockermouth Cumbria, and someone links to your website with the words Conservatory Installer in Cockermouth, that will be an important signal to let Google know what your website is about.

But as with all of this, if all of sudden you get 50 websites linking to you, all with the same Anchor Text ‘Conservatory Installer in Cockermouth’ it will not look natural or Organic in the eyes of Google.

If people were linking to you naturally, the chances are, most people will use your Website address, such as ‘cumberlandwindows.co.uk’ or your name ‘Cumberland Windows’ and some people will choose to use words that describe what you do, or use words like ‘click here’ or ‘visit website’ as the Anchor Text that links to you.

I use a great tool for monitoring Keyword Rankings for my clients, called SE Ranking, which also has a Backlink Explorer Tool, so you can find out where your competitors are getting their links from, which may give you ideas of where you can get links too.

Here’s an example of a Backlinks report for one of my clients: (click image to enlarge)

If all else is equal and you have more quality links than your competitors, that will help you rank higher than them on Google and Bing, driving more potential customers to your website.